Silo5 Marcel Maromas Kaffee

Marcel Siegwart

“After multiple comparisons and diligent tastings, we decided for the Maromas ORPHEA coffee beans. The balance between the intensity and the wholesomeness add to a great espresso with a beautiful crema.

Coffee is not just Coffee and that is appreciated by our guests when they take their time to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Maromas Coffee convinced me with competent service and a great quality-price value. Thanks for the professional collaboration.”



“I saw the Maromas Orphea on whole latte love’s YouTube channel and decided to order a few bags, I was amazed at the amount of crema and flavor the beans produced even with a super automatic machine, bold notes of chocolate and nuts were quite superior and left no acidic after tase or bitterness.

When I dialed it in in my stores espresso machines, it’s all I wanted to have, the coffee over powers milk, so if you are a latte or cappuccino drinker make sure to get the arabica blend for a less overpowering coffee taste, but if you enjoy a super shot of bold espresso coffee with endless crema, the orphea will always make you look like a pro!”

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“Selecting the coffee brand to offer in my bar was one of the toughest decisions I had to make. Like elsewhere the market in Bulgaria is saturated with coffee brands and deciding on quality over well-known brands was risky. But risks are there to be taken. Since the very beginning Maromos became a key pillar in building the concept of the bar. The coffee helped us a lot in gaining and keeping clientele in an area well known for its variety of bars and coffeeshops. Every single shot of coffee we severed let to positive feedback and new clients.”